Randall calf Sally Ann watches the rodeo with human onlookers
A large puddle on the way to the Discovery Room
Max, Houston, Colleen and Sally Ann at Hancock Shaker Village 2006
Hancock Shaker Village under an overcast sky
        The 2006 Country Fair and Crafts Festival was held at Hancock Shaker Village in Massachusetts on September 30th. and October 1st., 2006.  This is an annual event, and as in years past, the Randall Cattle Registry and Association was there.  Fair visitors visited with Randall steers "Max" and "Houston", a 4 month old future ox team, and "Sally Ann" and "Coleen", 3 and 4 month old Randall heifers.  Cynthia Creech and Dianne and Phil Lang were the human representatives from the Registry.
        Saturday featured typical New England fall weather, crisp and dry, but on Sunday it poured for much of the day.  Attendance was good despite the weather, and the Round Stone Barn, where the Registry had its display, was a hub of activity.  The Hancock Shaker Village 4-H Clubs had numerous animal exhibits in the Round Stone Barn and Dairy Ell, and children's activities, vendors, craftspeople, demonstrations, and exhibits occupied outdoor tents and parts of some of the Village's buildings.  Traditional activities such as the Quilt Show and timber framing demonstration were held as usual.

        On Saturday afternoon a new event took place in the paddock outside of the Dairy Ell. In a  semi-controlled rodeo, a cross-section of the Village's livestock was let out all together to frolic and interact with each other.  The audience was not disappointed, and the animals showed their enthusiasm for the idea with little coaxing.  See photos below.
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Country Fair and Crafts Festival 2006
Hancock Shaker Village
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Sept. 30 - Oct.1, 2006
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Randall calves (L-R), "Coleen", "Houston", "Max", and "Sally Ann"
The Randall cattle exhibit in
the Round Stone Barn
A view from the Visitor Center across the herb gardens
"Coleen" resting in her pen in
the Round Stone Barn
A large puddle between the Round Barn and the Discovery Room
"Coleen" surrounded by a
group of admirers
A pair of Red Holstein calves
A mama pig and her babies
Visiting with a pet rabbit
Dianne with "Sally Ann" (L), and Cynthia with "Coleen" (R)
A pair of Angora goats loved the attention paid by visitors
One of Hancock Shaker
Village's Merino rams
The Village's Merino sheep
flock is first to be released
The calves were next...
"Sally Ann" joined the spectators watching the "rodeo"
There Were Lots Of Animals To See And Pet...
The party really starts when
you add in a pig!
A barnyard meeting of species...
And finally, just for fun, add a
couple of Merino rams
There was a Shaker pie baking
(and tasting!) contest
There was a Farmers' Market
on Saturday
Children cavorted on the hay pile
One of the many quilts on display in the Brick Ell
A table full of tinware
A display of colorful
Shaker seed boxes
...And Food, Fun, And Crafts
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A rainy view out the back of the Dairy Ell on Sunday
A rainy Sunday view of the barnyard
A window decorated for Fall in the Round Stone Barn
The Randall Cattle Registry's display in the Round Stone Barn
Randall heifer calf Coleen having a rest
Randall heifer Coleen being admired by a crowd of visitors
The view across the herb gardens from the Visitor Center
A window in the Round Stone
Barn decorated for Fall
A sow and her litter of piglets in the Dairy Ell
Two Red Holstein heifers in their pen
Dianne with Sally Ann, (left), and Cynthia with Coleen, (right)
A pair of friendly Angora goats
One of Hancock Shaker Village's Merino rams
A young 4-h member and her pet rabbit visit with a guest
...And A Barnyard "Rodeo"...
The Merino rams join the fun
The rodeo begins, the sheep are released
The calves are let out of the barn
The pig comes charging out to liven things up
A pig and a cow checking each other out
A quilt on display in the Brick Ell
Children having fun in a hay pile
A table loaded with Shaker pies
A display of tinware
A table carrying Shaker seed boxes
The Saturday Farmers' Market