Randall heifer Mandy with Dianne Lang at the Silo Gallery
Photo of a Randall calf titled "Laverne", by Nan Parson Rosssiter
Randall calf Mandy with Nan Parson Rossiter, Dianne Lang, and Cynthia Creech
Dianne Lang and Mandy with Hunt Hill Farm co-founder Ruth Henderson
More of Nan Parson Rossiter's work
Art Exhibit By Nan Parson Rossiter
The Silo Gallery At Hunt Hill Farm
New Milford, Connecticut

November 4, 2006
        Randall Cattle might not come immediately to mind when thinking of art galleries, but the two did come together on Saturday, November 4, 2006.  The site was The Silo Gallery at Hunt Hill Farm in New Milford, CT, and the occasion was the opening of an exhibit by author and illustrator Nan Parson Rossiter.  The exhibit featured 20-plus pieces of Ms. Rossiter's work in oils, watercolor, and pencil completed in 2006.  One of those works of art was a painting titled "Laverne", from a photo of a Randall calf owned by Cynthia Creech.
        Registry Officers Cynthia Creech and Phil and Dianne Lang brought 15 month old Randall heifer "Mandy" to provide a living example of a Randall calf such as the one depicted in Ms. Rossiter's painting "Laverne", and she grazed contentedly on the lawn just outside the open gallery doors.  Many of the Gallery guests stopped by to meet Mandy and to learn about the Randall breed.
        Nan Parson Rossiter is best known as an author of children's books, and to date has written three: "Rugby and Rosie", "The Way Home", and "Sugar on Snow".    Ms. Rossiter, through her business, "True Blue",  produces classic pencil portraits of animals while continuing to write children's books.  The Silo (Gallery, Cooking School, and Store), began as the vision of the late pianist, conductor, and composer Skitch Henderson and his wife Ruth, and is housed in a former dairy barn on their farm.  In 2004, in collaboration with area land trusts, The Hunt Hill Farm Trust was formed to preserve the farm and its legacy.
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"Laverne", painting of a Randall heifer by Nan Parson Rossiter
Ms. Rossiter (CTR) with "Mandy", Dianne Lang, and Cynthia Creech
More of the pieces in
the Rossiter exhibit
Gallery vistors viewing art work
by Nan Parson Rossiter
Mandy with Dianne Lang (L) 
and Ruth Henderson (R)
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Gallery visitors viewing the work of Nan Parson Rossiter