Celeste, born in 1992
Randall calves
Randall bull Blu
Byington and Anabelle 1995
Clarice and her calf Sarah, 1993
A Randall cow and calf
Randall heifer Alice
Randall bull Bart
Out of the Archives
Photos of Randall Cattle on Artemis
Farm In the Early Days After the
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The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc.
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        When Cynthia Creech rescued the Randall herd from extinction in 1987, nearly all of the surviving Randalls came to live on her farm in Jefferson City, TN, named "Artemis Farm".  Details of those days, and the rescue, can be found on her website, here. 
        On these pages are photos of the cattle, taken by Cynthia, during those early days of the Randall recovery.  Some of the animals depicted had lived on the Randall farm prior to 1985, and others are first and second generation from those original "founder" animals.  Many of these original animals are no longer with us.
All photos ©Cynthia S. Creech.  Use of these images is by permission only.
Bart, who came as a calf with the herd purchased by Cynthia in 1987.  Although not part of the original herd, Bart's dam is considered one of the "founder" animals whose influence is represented through Bart
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Rollie and Alice
"Alice" (L) and "Rollie" (R).
This photo, taken by Cynthia, won 3rd. prize in an American Livestock Breeds Conservancy photo contest held in 1997
"Alice" is a daughter of
Founder "Terrible"
"Clarice", born in 1991, and her 1993 heifer calf "Sarah"
"Amos" went to a breeder in CT, then on to Canada.  He is the sire of "Red Randall", the first animal to express the resessive red color gene since the herd
was on the Randall farm
Randall bull "Blu" at 29
months old.  He became a herd bull on a farm in North Carolina
A pair of young Randalls basking in the sun on Artemis Farm
"Celeste", born in 1992, is a representative of the
"Isadora" Founder line
Another view of "Bart".  Bart is important to the herd as his use reduces a bottleneck created by the over-representation of the "Old Bull".  Bart is gone but his semen has been collected for future conservation matings
"Byington" and her
calf, "Anabelle"  (1995)
A Randall cow
and her calf
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